Brazilian Samba Reggae Drumming

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TRIBO is an international non-profit cross-cultural drumming and dance music project whose philosophy aims to educate young children and adults encouraging their creativity. Through the power of music, TRIBO Project makes each individual feel that they can nurture their own creative life force without having to be musically trained or gifted and develop skills which will enrich their lives on multiple levels.

Founded by Marcos Santana in December 2005, TRIBO Project has its origins in Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé, Bahia, Brazil, setting up a place for the children of the island to develop their personalities and talents.

Meanwhile, the TRIBO Project exists in London with regular Samba-Reggae sessions and drumming workshops, introducing workshop students not only to the drumming techniques but also to Afro-Brazilian and South-American Indian culture.

According to its philosophy of cultural exchange and sense of community TRIBO Project unites people across borders and continents through the music, gathering in TRIBO Bloco for common drumming sessions and performing at various events in Europe and Brazil.




Marcos Santana